Living Tomorrow

Going Negative to Create Positive Futures

2020 has been a historic year. While the world has experienced a major economic downturn during a global pandemic, there has been, however, explosive growth in carbon friendly strategies, initiatives, and rounds of funding whether large banks, multinationals, and venture investors. These opportunities in the growing regenerative economy value human and planetary health through an integrated, systems approach to technology and evolution.

In this panel discussion, hear from experts within the San Francisco Bay Area’s entrepreneurship ecosystem who are creating value in the food and agriculture industries and enabling new kinds of propositions that blend people, profit, and planet. Join our event to hear from entrepreneurs who are growing businesses in the nascent carbontech economy.

This session is co-hosted by Food System 6.


05:00pm — Welcome and introduction by swissnex San Francisco
05:05pm — Food System 6: an inclusive food future
05:15pm — Startups at the forefront of regeneration with Andes Ag, farm ng, and more to be announced soon
05:45pm — Panel discussion on using nature + technology to regenerate our systems moderated by Laura Erickson, swissnex SF
06:15pm — Curated networking

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