Global Dimensions of Digital Innovation

Swiss Digital Days: Global Dimensions of Digital Innovation

The disruptions caused by COVID-19 have led to an acceleration in the digitization of all major aspects of life – and has brought to light who the laggards are, and who leads the charge. For a small country like Switzerland, looking outside and connecting with the most thriving hubs of innovation around the world is crucial to future-proof the economy and be prepared for impending disruptions. A continuous engagement with the world’s hotspots of technology – such as the Silicon Valley, Boston, or Shanghai – has become imperative for all actors along the innovation chain to read the signals of the future, and strategically engage in digital transformation.

As part of the swissnex Network’s 20th anniversary campaign nex20, this event will explore how leading Swiss corporations engage with the world’s most important innovation hubs, and how they leverage the swissnex Network – Switzerland’s official network of innovation outposts – to future-proof their business. Join us for an interactive event featuring intimate discussion tables hosted by innovation experts from SBB, SwissRe, Swiss Post, swissnex Boston, and swissnex San Francisco.

Organised by swissnex Boston & swissnex San Francisco

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